State Exam I & II

level B1 or B2

Course Description

You have to do the complete State Exam or one part of it and you could use some help. You have to prepare well for this exam.

The State exams are difficult exams you have to prepare for well. iplus1 provides specific training in order to pass the exams.


In State Exam I and II consists of these parts:

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • For more information:

College voor Toetsen en Examens Rijksoverheid

Study workload

6-8 hrs per week


The number of classes depends on which parts you have to pass. My advice is 5 classes minimum for 1 part of the exam. Each class takes 90 minutes. Depending on when you have to sit the exam, you’ll have 2-3 classes per week.


Private tuition: the classes take place online or at my home.
in-company: at the company’s location


For State Exam I: Vooruit! Voorbereiding op het Staatsexamen I. €49,95
For State Exam II: De Finale! Voorbereiding op Staatsexamen II. €49,95


Please select your situation:

10 classes, 90 minutes per class: € 995,-

Payment can be made for the whole course or in two installments.

The course takes place at the office within a radius of max. 20 km from my location. If the office is over 20 km a different rate applies.
10 classes, 90 minutes per class:
8 students: € 3.090,-
1 student: € 2.123,-

If the course takes place at my house or online, a discount of 10% applies.

Prices are excl. materials.
iplus1 is exempted from VAT
You’ll receive an invoice.

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Reviews by students

Highly recommend for someone in preparation for an exam
Thanks to her teaching approach I have completed the exam without any mistakes
Thanks to this program I managed to finish successfully my exams and my naturalisation process
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