Integration Exam

level A2

Course Description

You have to do the Integration Exam and you could use some help.

You have to prepare well for this exam.
Or you are going to do all parts of the exam or only one or two: I can assist you with your preparation so you will pass! For this training level A2 is a requirement: this is a specific training to pass the exam.
If you would like to reach level A2 first, I recommend the either the course Beginners I or II.


The exam consists of:

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market (aka ONA)
  • Knowledge Dutch Society (aka KNS)

More information about the exam you can read here:
Inburgeren in Nederland

Study workload

6-8 hours per week


The amount of lessons depends on which parts you have to do. My advice is to take at least 2 classes for 1 part. A class takes 1,5 hour.


private tuition: the classes take place at my home in Rotterdam.
in-company: at your office




5 classes à 90 min:
private tuition: € 425,-
in-company: training: € 1075,-

Yes! I want to prepare for my exam

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Reviews by students

Highly recommend for a beginner or for someone in preparation for an exam
Thanks to her teaching approach I have completed the inburgeringsexamen without any mistakes.
Thanks to this program I managed to finish successfully my inburgerings exams and my naturalisation process.
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